About Inis Fada/Long Island

Inis Fada, more commonly known as Long Island, is situated in Long Island Bay in West Cork, Ireland.  This site is presented by the island-based Long Island Development Group which operates on a voluntary basis.  It aims to provide useful information about the island and its community, past and present.  

We are located in Long Island Bay, the most southerly bay in Ireland.  The islands within Long Island Bay are collectively known as Carbery’s Hundred IslesRoaringwater Bay (somewhat surprisingly) describes the relatively quiet inner reaches of the bay, being sheltered from the Atlantic by the bigger islands. 

At about 3km long and 1/2km wide Long Island is a wonderful place to live and work.  Visitors enjoy its unspoiled environment and spectacular views.  The famous Fastnet Lighthouse is clearly visible.



 Inis Fada features by name in the 1577 Calendar of Fiants of Henry VIII.  Fiants were letters patent, a type of legal instrument in the form of an open letter usually issued by a monarch.  They were issued under seal and dealt with matters ranging from appointments to high office to grants of pardons to the humblest of the native Irish.  Unfortunately the relevant fiants, held in Ireland, were destroyed in a fire in 1922, which means that we do not now know exactly why this island received such special honour. 

To learn and see more of the island please see other pages on the site.

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